Saturday, 14 December 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: Christmas Decorations

I know, I'm sorry. I promised another wishlist for Friday and I let you down again.

A combination of work, wisdom tooth pain and a restless dog conspired against me and I didn't have time.

It's a bit late but here is this week's wishlist of expensive goodies themed, fittingly, around festive decorations.

The Bauble

Chinese Christmas tree bauble

This Chinese Hand-Painted Cranes Glass Bauble from the V&A Shop is beautiful and delicate. I love the colours and the Oriental theme, which I wouldn't normally associate with Christmas, but that I think works.

This would look lovely on the tree, but any more than one and I'll be bankrupting myself.

Price: £25

The Candle Holder

Leaping Reindeer Tealight Holders

This pair of Leaping Reindeer Tealight Holders has a rustic look that would work with a minimalist Christmas d├ęcor scheme as well as a traditional one. I love that even though they are simple, they are also beautiful.

Price: £31.60

The Wreath

Christmas Berry Wreath

This Christmas Berry Wreath from Velvet Brown has a classic feel. I'm not a fan of the really modern wreaths that are made from lights, bits of metal or fur (I did see a fur one once, why would you put that on your door?). I like to see a wreath with a bit of greenery.

Christmas Berry Wreath

This one features festive greens and reds, plus the traditional pine cones, berries and cinnamon.

Price: from £59


 Octopus Christmas Decorations

These little guys caught my eye. They're not exactly traditional but I think these Octopus Christmas Decorations would brighten up a tree.

 Octopus Christmas Decorations

Price: £14.99 for one.

That's all folks.

I really will try and post on time next week.

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