Monday, 10 March 2014

Affordable Wedding Dresses - Grecian

Lupita Nyong'o 2014 Oscars Dress

Didn't Lupita Nyong'o look amazing at the Oscars? Not to mention that she won a justly deserved award. I thought her Grecian-style light blue Prada dress would make a beautiful wedding dress and it has inspired this week's Affordable Wedding Dresses list.

Grecian-style dresses are popular choices as wedding dresses, they have a timeless feel that's never boring. Plus, the draped material is usually very flattering. Check out my list of cheap Grecian wedding dresses below that are all under £500.

Wedding Dress - H&M

Affordable H&M Wedding Dress

It seems that H&M were thinking along the same affordable wedding dress line as me because they have just announced their first wedding dress is to be launched at the end of March.

It has a slightly Grecian feel with the draped material and empire waist. I also like the delicate detailing at the neck.

Priced £59.99

Gold 15-in-1 Maxi Prom Dress - New Look

Gold New Look Grecian Dress - Affordable Wedding Dresses

Another High Street dress that would be perfect as a wedding dress, the gold New Look dress can be tied in up to 15 different ways, so you can choose the best look for your wedding. All ways have a slight Greek feel due to the draping and simplicity.

Gold New Look Grecian Dress - Affordable Wedding Dresses

This dress is a pale shade of gold, making it that little bit different to a traditional white wedding dress.

Priced £79.99

Grecian Style Wedding Gown - Etsy

Affordable Grecian Wedding Dress - Etsy

This Grecian wedding dress is the most expensive on this week's list but it is still much more affordable than usual wedding dresses and it is handmade by OneKindCouture on Etsy. It's a simple empire waist design that clearly flows when you walk.

Affordable Grecian Wedding Dress - Etsy

I love the gold detailing on the top, it makes it stand out and gives it an ancient, ornate feel.

Priced £491.91

Jill Jill Stuart Asymmetrical Chiffon Dress - Nordstrom

Light Yellow Grecian Wedding Dress - Affordable Wedding Dresses

I love this light chiffon dress, it's perfect for a summer or beach wedding. The sleeve detail and draping gives it a Grecian feel and the light yellow colour makes it a little unusual. This is the sort of dress that could be worn for a boho wedding or a glamorous one, you just have to choose the right accessories.

Priced £270.70

Cream Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Grecian Maxi Dress - Affordable Wedding Dresses

This maxi dress has a simple style that's updated with the jewelled halterneck; it almost looks like armour. This dress would not need many accessories at all in order to let it shine.

Priced £70

That's all for this week, check back next week for some coloured wedding dresses.

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