Saturday, 15 March 2014

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man - Elephants

It's a bit of a random theme but I keep seeing elephant paraphernalia everywhere at the moment and I do love those gentle giants. So, here are a few of my favourite elephant-themed pricey items.

The Elephant Hook

Elephant Storage Hook

I love this Elephant Storage Hook. It adds a touch of fun to a simple element in the home. I also like the vintage style of the elephant hooks.

There are lots of other animal hooks available.

Animal Storage Hooks

Priced £16.95

The Elephant Wall-sticker

Elephant Wall-stickers

Technically, I think these Love Mae Elephant Parade wall-stickers are for children but I kind of like them myself; they've got a bit of a dreamy quality, Plus, I love the watercolour style.

Priced $84.95AUD

Elephant Cushion

Elephant Cushion

The monochrome style of this Iosis White Elephant Cushion means that, even though it is unusual, it is still stylish. It would go with most interior design types and add a fun touch to your sofa.

Priced £65

The Floral Elephant

Elephant Parade Flower Impression Elephant

This colourful Elephant Parade Flower Impression elephant is perfect for adding a weird and wacky touch to your home. This is part of The Elephant Parade which has seen large elephant sculptures decorated by artists around the world; this is a limited edition miniature. Part of the proceeds go towards The Asian Elephant Foundation, so you'll be spending for a good cause.

Priced £89

That's all folks, see you soon.

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