Monday, 27 May 2013

Liberty and Levi

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I've recently moved to the countryside and actually now have a garden. This, coupled with the emergence of the sun, meant I spent most of the time shivering outside on a towel pretending it was thirty degrees.

I also took a little time out to cruise the internet and saw that Liberty has another collaboration; it's already teamed up with Nike and now it's also joined forces with Levi's to create the Levi's X Liberty collection (I say now, it was actually back in April, but I've only just seen it).

Levi's X Liberty

Floral Carlin Print Western Shirt - Levi's X Liberty

This one makes a bit more sense to me than the Nike thing, Liberty and Levi's are both well known and respected clothing companies. In a way, they are also representative of their countries; Liberty, with its London location and classic prints, is a part of British history. Similarly, Levi's conjures up images of rural USA and has been a constant staple in the changing fashions of America.

The combination of the two is quite powerful and makes for an interesting collection. There are only a small amount of items but most bases are covered, with a number of trouser styles as well as a shirt, dress and crop top.

Floral Carlin Print Mandarin Dress - Levi's X Liberty

Floral Carlin Print Bustier Top - Levi's X Liberty

I particularly like this bustier, it's a good festival look, if only I had a flat enough stomach to wear it!

I think the collection's missed the mark on a couple of items though, especially the anorak. They're tried to combine beauty and functionality but haven't quite melded it. Plus, whoever heard of a denim waterproof jacket?

Floral Carlin Print Hooded Anorak - Levi's X Liberty

Overall though, I like this collection. The two Liberty prints used, Carlin and Kerr Bandana, were specially designed for the range and contrast nicely with the antique look of Levi's denim.

The only problem is, again, that the items are out of my price range. Still, a girl can dream.

Find out more about the Levi's X Liberty collection here.

P.S I've just noticed that Liberty and Levi sound like two quite obnoxious children's names. Or the heroes of a children's book series.

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