Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tattoo Trends: Animal Instinct

Animal Tattoo
Animal Tattoo - Image via

Animals have always been a popular tattoo theme, especially creatures like lions that denoted strength.

Vintage Circus Tattoo
Vintage Circus Tattoo - Image via Vintage Everyday

Vintage Tattoo
Vintage Tattoo - Image via Vintage Everyday

Animal tattoos have stayed fairly steady in popularity but they now seem to be having a boost. This may be to do with the woodland trend that is evident in home and fashion at the moment. The theme seems to have passed over to tattoos and consequently a lot of people are getting forest creatures indelibly etched onto themselves.

Rabbit Tattoo
Petra Hlavackova Rabbit Tattoo - Image via World Tattoo Gallery

Woodland Deer Tattoo
Woodland Deer Tattoo - Image via We Heart It

Fox Tattoo
Fox Tattoo - Image via Time for Pandas

Animal tattoos are often used to symbolise an emotion or, to get cheesy, the spirit within. Wild animal tattoos usually signify power or freedom of spirit.

This tiger tattoo is amazing.

Tiger Tattoo
Dmitriy Samohin Tiger Tattoo - Image via World Tattoo Gallery

Ditto this wolf.

Wolf Tattoo
Domantas Parvainis Wolf Tattoo - Image via World Tattoo Gallery

But it's not only wild animals that people are getting inked, pets are also very popular, usually as a way to mourn a beloved member of the family.

Dog Tattoo
Inky Joe Hill Dog Tattoo - Image via World Tattoo Gallery
Look at that face!

Of course, some animal tattoos do not turn out the way people planned.

Cat or Tiger Tattoo Fail
Cat or Tiger Tattoo Fail - Image via Damn LOL
I'm not even sure what creature that's supposed to be.


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