Friday, 17 January 2014

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man - Sofa Seating

I'm still very much into my home products at the moment, last week it was crockery, this week it's sofas. It's a rather random choice for a wishlist I know, but I just keep spotting really lovely seating. Maybe it's because my own sofa is covered in fur and dog foot prints from this guy.


Anyway, here are some lovely sofas that my dog would definitely not be allowed anywhere near.

The Striped Sofa

Stripe Vintage Sofa

The Twin Stripe Sofa from Sweet Pea and Willow is an original design that combines a modern feeling with traditional touches. The neautral colour would blend with most colour schemes but the beige does not make it boring, this is a really fun sofa that also has an elegant look.

Priced £1095

The Love Seat

Purple Vintage Love Seat Sofa

I'm not usually into purple in the home but I love the sumptuous shades in the French Funky Upholstered Designer Love Seat from Chichi Furniture. Combined with the silver frame it's a luxurious sofa but also a, dare I say it, 'funky' one. It's also got a bit of a Great Gatsby feel, which you've got to love.

Purple Vintage Love Seat Sofa

Priced £1249.99

The Chaise Longue

Vintage Chaise Longue

It's not technically a sofa but the Versailles Gold Chaise Longue from The French Bedroom Company is so beautiful that I had to include it on this wishlist. If you were going to lie around on this then you'd have to be wearing some kind of flowing nightie. It's the perfect thing to faint onto.

Priced £1060

The Blue Sofa

Blue vintage Debenhams sofa

This is a rather simple sofa, but I love the deep blue colour and the vintage style. The Chesterfield sofa from Debenhams also looks rather squishy and comfy, which is what I really look for in a sofa.

Priced £800, it's down from £2000 so it's practically a bargain!

That's all for this week folks.

Happy Friday!

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