Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tattoo Trends: Foxes

13 Gorgeous Fox Tattoos

Leg Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Fox tattoos seem to have been growing in popularity in the last few years. This may be because there has been a big surge in popularity for anything woodland; not just in tattoos but fashion and home too. Foxes are one of the favourite woodland symbols. In fact, I've done a Tattoo Trends post on animal tattoos before, and this fox tattoo was by far the most popular on Pinterest.

Side Fox Tattoo
Image via Time for Pandas

Traditionally, a fox symbolises intelligence, cunning, and often trickery. People choose to have them tattooed to reference these features as well as a sense of fun, wildness and an affinity with nature.

I've gathered together a few of my favourite fox tattoos that I've seen around the web; there are some stunningly amazing ones done by very talented artists.

A lot of fox tattoos are realistic and have a traditional feel.

Finger Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Thigh Fox Tattoo
Image via Ruth Tattoo Ideas

Other people are choosing to have more cartoon styled fox tattoos, or ones with a surrealistic feel.

Arm Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Behind Ear Fox Tattoo
Image via Tumblr

Water Colour Fox Tattoo
Image via appetit_tattoo on Statigram

Shoulder Fox Tattoo
Image via Iyam on Flikr

Geometric tattoos are incredibly popular at the moment and fox tattoos have not escaped the geometric styling.

Geometric Behind Ear Tattoo
Image via World Style

Shoulder Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Back Origami Fox Tattoo
Tattoo Artist: Madame Chan - Image via Inked Mag

Finally, I also found this amazing Rosie's Walk tattoo. Anyone else remember this book?

Rosie's Walk Fox Tattoo
Image via Pinterest

Rosie's Walk Book by Pat Hutchins

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