Saturday, 1 February 2014

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man - Chinese New Year

This is a little late, apologies, but the January illness still had a hold of me yesterday. It's still got me today but it's now February so it's not quite as strong.

This week's (belated) If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man wishlist is inspired by the Chinese New Year. I don't usually like to cash in on these things, but I've noticed a lot of lovely oriental-inspired homewares recently so the timing seemed pretty good.

So here you are, four of the best, and most expensive, Chinese-themed home products.

The Oriental Rug

Oriental rug

This lovely Kodari Garland rug from Kelaty has a distinct oriental feel with the blossom detail. I love the peacock colours of blue, green and purple. It also comes in red.

Oriental rug

It makes a great central piece for a room.

Priced from £1,067

The Chinese Horse

Chinese stone horse

I don't know why I like this Stone Horse from Shimu so much, but I really do. The horse is sourced from Guilin in southern China and is crafted from stone.The rustic feel of it is timeless. Also, it is the Chinese year of the horse, so this ornament is particularly fitting for this wishlist.

Priced £79

The Chinese Cabinet

Chinese sideboard

Orchid are the top UK purveyor of Chinese furniture and antiques, this Red Decorated Sideboard is a great example their amazing pieces. I love the detail and the traditional Chinese feel. Also the deep red colour is beautiful.

Chinese sideboard

The Chinese Tea Jar

Chinese tea jar

Infused with an oriental feel, this Darlian Blue and White Ceramic Tea Jar from Artisanti depicts scenes from traditional Chinese life. Blue and white is a timeless mix that gives this piece an authentic Chinese look. It would be great for its original use as a tea caddy, or would look lovely just displayed on a shelf.

Chinese tea jar

Priced £54

That's all for this week, have a happy Chinese New Year!

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