Monday, 10 February 2014

Smack The Pony - Ice Skating Gone Too Far

What Do the Sochi Winter Olympics and a Noughties TV Sketch Show Have in Common?

I've been watching the Sochi Winter Olympics coverage, along with pretty much everyone else, and the talent is amazing. I especially like watching the ice skating and was hooked on it yesterday. However, every time I saw the couples waiting for their scores and giving each other kisses I was always reminded of this sketch from Smack the Pony.

I really thought the Russian ice skating couple were going to go this far!

Does anyone else remember Smack the Pony? I've been watching it again on LoveFilm and it's brilliant. I particularly like that I now get a lot more of the jokes than I did back when it was first on and I was only a teen. So naive.

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