Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tattoo Trends - Roses

I haven't done a tattoo post in a while and I miss it. This time it's a classic theme; roses.

Roses are one of the oldest tattoo options; they have been popular since the beginning of the 20th century.

Vintage Rose Tattoo
Source: Imagination Foundation Tumblr
Rose tattoos are popular because of their symbolism of beauty and love; two of the most sort after of attributes in life.

A rose also often represents femininity and lots of men, especially sailors, used to get a rose tattooed on them to symbolise their girlfriends or mothers.

The rose is one of the most popular flowers and has been immortalised in art and literature; it makes sense that the rose is also captured in tattoo art as well.

However, rose tattoos can very easily become tacky, or just plain badly done.

Rose Tattoo Fail
Source: Tattooing Tattoo Designs

Or you could end up with roses tattooed all over your arse like Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl Cole Back and Bum Rose Tattoo

Seriously, what was she thinking?

But when rose tattoos are done right they can be just beautiful, whether they're little...

Rose Tattoo Finger
Source: Pinterest

...or large.

Back Rose Tattoo
Source: Thomas Cardiff Tumblr

Here are a few more lovely rose tattoos.

Arm Rose Tattoo
Source: Kings of Empty Castles

Chest Red Rose Tattoo
Source: Tales of the Ink

Arm Rose Tattoo
Source: Alice Carrier Flickr

Hand Watercolour Rose Tattoo
Source: Jenna Bumgardner Flickr

Behind the Ear Rose Tattoo
Source: Glam Bistro

Inner Arm Rose Tattoo
Source: Linnea Snow Tumblr

Shoulder Realistic Rose Tattoo
Source: BBC

Shoulders Rose Tattoo
tattoo by JohnnyJinx at Broken clover tattoo - Source: imgur

Thigh Rose Tattoo
Source: Tattoologist

Blue Red Rose Sleeve Tattoo for Women
Source: Gakkin Akkin Flickr

Men's Sleeve Tattoo - Rose and More
Source: Boys Life Tumblr

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