Friday, 21 February 2014

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: ModCloth Dresses

This Week's Wishlist is Filled with ModCloth's Vintage-Style Dresses

I know my If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man wishlists are usually made up of items from several different retailers, but ModCloth, purveyor of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes, has so many beautiful dresses at the moment that I want them all.

I've made a collection of a few of my favourite ones, though it's difficult to narrow them down.

Two if by Tea Dress

Blue and White Two If By Tea Dress - ModCloth

This is possibly my favourite dress of the whole lot; the Two if by Tea Dress has a classic blue and white damask print. Just looking at it makes me think of summer. It's ideal for a lawn party, not that I go to many of them.

Price: $155.99

Sweetest Surprise Dress

Backless Dress - Sweetest Surprise - ModCloth

Another summery special, the Sweetest Surprise Dress is structured and flattering. I love the print and the 60s feel, plus, it has a great back design.

Backless Dress - Sweetest Surprise - ModCloth

Price: $124.99

See You Swoon Dress in Cream

Cream Maxi Dress - See You Swoon - ModCloth

This is a simple white dress but it's also stunning. See You Swoon Dress would actually be an ideal addition to my Affordable Wedding Dresses series, but I'd like to wear it for other occasions too. It looks perfect for a beach.

Cream Maxi Dress - See You Swoon - ModCloth

Price: $99.99

Mountain Dwelling Dress

Green Dress - Mountain Dwelling - ModCloth

This tunic-style Mountain Dwelling Dress is ideal for summer but I bet it also looks great in the winter with tights, boots and a chunky cardigan. I love dresses that you can wear all year round. I also really like the abstract mountain scenery design on the dress.

Price: $49.99

Train Station Platform Dress

Striped Dress - Train Station Platform - ModCloth

I love the classic simplicity of the Train Station Platform Dress, including the stripe design. It looks very cool and comfortable, plus, it's another one that can be worn all year round.

Striped Dress - Train Station Platform - ModCloth


Before I go, can I just give praise to the ModCloth copywriters; have you seen the product descriptions for the clothing? Instead of just; a pretty dress with a fit and flare style, or whatever, they write full on stories. This last dress is described as:

"Standing beside the tracks, you spot the outbound train approaching the station and finally hear those long-awaited words - “all aboard!” You’ve been looking forward to your westward journey ever since you booked the tickets, and your excitement is elegantly exhibited in your ModCloth-exclusive striped dress!"

As a writer myself who often works on product descriptions I know how hard it is to come up with new and original descriptions, especially when you're writing the fiftieth one that day.

Kudos to ModCloth!

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