Monday, 17 February 2014

Affordable Wedding Dresses - Lace

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Beautiful Lace Wedding Dresses on the Cheap

This is the second post in my new series on affordable wedding dresses. Last week's was short wedding dresses, this week it's lace. Lace is a classic look for a wedding that brings a vintage feel to any gown. Kate Middleton's wedding dress is probably the most famous lace wedding dress and shows off perfectly the beauty of lace.

Usually though, lace costs a fortune. But I've been hunting around and found some lovely lace dresses that are perfect for weddings and are all under £800.

Adelaide Lace Dress - Dream-ers

Adelaide Affordable Lace Wedding Dress - Dream-ers

This pretty lace dress is from an American brand called Dream-ers which creates lovely, affordable fashion and wedding dresses. I love the cut of this dress; classic but still ideal for a modern wedding. The lace panelling keeps it interesting and the capped sleeves are flattering on the arms.

Priced $696

Juliet Lace Dress - Free People

Juliet Affordable Lace Wedding Dress - Free People

This gypsy style wedding dress from Free People is ideal for a bohemian wedding. It is towards the more expensive end of affordable, but it's still under £1,000.

Juliet Affordable Lace Wedding Dress - Free People

The detailing of the lace is really pretty and very subtle. Also, you can change the style of the dress by wearing the sleeves on or off the shoulders.

Priced £727

Perla Lace Dress in Champagne - John Lewis

Perla Affordable Lace Wedding Dress - John Lewis

I love the colour of this cheap wedding dress from John Lewis; it's a gentle nude colour which makes a nice change from the usual white and ivory shades. I also love the delicate buttons down the back of the dress; they give a vintage feel and little touches like that make it extra-special.

Perla Affordable Lace Wedding Dress - John Lewis

Priced £180

Short Wedding Dress by Alesandra Paris - Etsy

Alesandra Paris Affordable Short Lace Wedding Dress - Etsy

This pretty lace wedding dress would have gone well on lasts week's list of short wedding dresses, but I wanted to include it this week as its main feature is an abundance of lace. It's got a bit of a '50s feel but would still look ideal for any theme of wedding.

Alesandra Paris Affordable Short Lace Wedding Dress - Etsy

It's made by a French company, Alesandro Paris, which I found via Etsy. I think the chic French style definitely shows in the design.

Priced from £357.32

Carlotta Bridal Dress

Carlotta Affordable Wedding Dress - Monsoon

Monsoon has a really great range of affordable wedding dresses and the Carlotta dress is an excellent example. It features delicate lace over a sheath skirt and a hand embellished belt.

Carlotta Affordable Wedding Dress - Monsoon

I particularly love the sleeves, I think they really make the dress stand out.

Priced £299

That's all the affordable wedding dresses for this week. I hope these have given you some inspiration if you are planning your own wedding, or just day dreaming.

Next Monday I'll be featuring affordable wedding dresses with a 1920s theme, so check back then.

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