Friday, 21 June 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: 21/06/13

Another week another collection of beautiful items that I can't afford.

First is this gorgeous ALICE + OLIVIA dress from Revolve Clothing.

ALICE + OLIVIA dress - back

I like that it has a classic Grecian look and is quite demure, but then the back cut out gives it a cheeky edge.

Here's the front view.

ALICE + OLIVIA dress - front

It also comes in navy, I'm not sure which I prefer.

ALICE + OLIVIA dress - navy

At $596 (£380) it's definitely out of my limited price range. But I can still look at it and drool.

I discovered this next dream purchase when I attended an open day at Cockpit Arts, a place for crafters to work and display their wares. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in London.
Designer Sian Zeng has a studio there and one of her many wonderful creations is her collection of magnetic wallpaper.

I want to be that little girl!

Sian Zeng - Magnetic Wallpaper

Sian Zeng - Magnetic Wallpaper

I don't just like it because it's magnetic, which is amazing, but the pattern is so lovely; featuring woodland scenes with a surreal twist. You can also get characters to attach to the wall with wipe clean speech bubbles that you can write on.

Sian Zeng - Magnetic Wallpaper

 At £248 a roll this is definitely still a fantasy. Plus, it's supposed to be for children.

Lastly I have been eyeing this Fleur De Lis Shield Ring by Pyrrha.
Pyrrha Fleur De Lis Shield Ring
I like the traditional shield motif. It's powerful yet delicate. The oxidised finish gives it an antique look which I love.

Pyrrha Fleur De Lis Shield Ring

Alas, it is £300.
I just wanted to use the word alas, it's a good one and I don't get many chances.

Only three items this week but they're expensive enough to make up the price of four.

Happy Friday.

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