Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sally Lacock - Wedding Heaven

I really should stop writing about fashion on this blog and talk about something deep and meaningful instead, but at the moment I seem to be attracted to every pretty thing I see, rather like a magpie with anything that shines (that metaphor is terribly cliché but I'm tired).

I have to post about this; wedding dress designer Sally Lacock has just launched a new website as well as several new designs. And they are stunning.

I'm not in the process of getting married, or anywhere near, but I've come across Sally's designs before and had that 'maybe I'll keep this in mind for later' moment. Her dresses are vintage inspired, drawing inspiration especially from the 1930s.

I know there seem to be thousands of vintage wedding dress designers around now, all churning out really rather similar looking gowns. But Sally's are something special; she combines classic elegance with an ethereal uniqueness.

Elsa Wedding Dress - Sally Lacock

Elsa Back View - Sally Lacock

This is one of her older designs, the classic Elsa. It's so simple yet stunningly beautiful. The 1930s style cape sleeves really make it.

Violet Wedding Dress - Sally Lacock

The Violet dress reminds me of the fashions of Jane Austen, especially the clothes worn by Jennifer Ehle when she played Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. The sleeve detail is so delicate and is what makes the dress special. It also looks easy to move in, some wedding dresses seem to be designed to be worn only when standing completely still.

Isadora Wedding Dress - Sally Lacock

The Isadora dress looks so free and different, definitely one for the bride who hates the idea of a traditional meringue style wedding gown.

Carly Wedding Dress - Sally Lacock

I think the Carly dress is my favourite. It is one of Sally's new designs and is made from three different types of lace. Despite the abundance of lace it does not have the 'Grandma's net curtains' look that a lot of wedding dresses can have. The cut is really flattering and the sleeves are lovely and are probably good at disguising a pair of bingo wings.

Prices start at £1,950, these babies don't come cheap, but looking at the detail on them you can tell it's worth it.
Check out the rest of Sally Lacock's designs at

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