Friday, 28 June 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: All The Horses

Another Friday, another list of items I can't afford, but want in my life.

First up is this lovely GROTTO necklace from jewellery company Rosita Bonita.

Copyright Rosita Bonita

Though it looks like enameled metal or wood it is in fact leather. It's inspired by mermaid carnival exhibits from the 20th century.

Copyright Rosita Bonita

I love the seahorses and the matching shell earrings. £86 isn't unreasonable for a handcrafted piece of jewellery, but still off limits for me.

I wish I could while away an afternoon listening to songs on this Roberts Revival DAB/FM Digital radio from Very.

Roberts Revival Radio - Very
I know it works exactly the same as a normal radio and that at £199 it is a rip off as I can get a modern radio for a tenth of the price. But it's so pretty! And it's Leaf Green, not just plain green, leaf green.

From seahorses to rocking horses.

Vintage Wooden Rocking Horses - Nordic House

At first I thought they were a bit creepy, but they've grown on me and now I desperately want one in my home. It's like the magnetic wallpaper all over again; I don't have a child, I just want these things for myself. I love the traditional look and hand carved style of the horses. I also had a beloved rocking horse when I was younger called Alice, I think these guys are reminding me of her.

There's quite a lot of green in this week's items, this last one carrys on the theme.

Valentino Resort 2014 Collection

I have no idea how much this beautiful thing is but as it's from Valentino's Resort 2014 collection I suspect it's miles out of my price range. I like the contrast of the tight bodice with the long flowing skirt and the leafy pattern is to die for.

You'd think the model might look a bit more cheerful.

That's all for this week, tune in next Friday for more expensive goodies.

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