Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tattoo Trends: To Infinity And Beyond

As you may know I've been having a look at tattoos as I'm thinking of getting one, while searching I've come across all the tattoo trends which are particularly prevalent on Pinterest. I've already written about my nostalgia for Nineties Tattoos, but now I'm going to focus on a trend which is very current.

If you haven't guessed from the blog heading, I'm talking about the infinity sign.

Image via Pinterest
This little symbol means so much; I suppose that's why people like it. But, like Chinese characters before it, the infinity sign has been taken, over used and now is really just a symbol of someone who can't think up their own original tattoo idea.

Image via Pinterest
Yes, it's a bit more tasteful then some tattoo trends but really, it is everywhere. Plus, to make it 'original,' people have been adding in words, showing their undying attachment to that thing/person/emotion.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Cute Tattoo

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Alright, the 'and beyond' one is quite clever, but only the first couple of times you see it.

Tattoo shops should really just advertise like this:

Image via The Meta Picture

But each to their own, if you want to have a tattoo because everyone else has one that's fine. But there's one version of the infinity tattoo which really irritates me.

Image via Tattoo Maniac

For starters, what does an anchor have to do with the infinity symbol? But the main point, and I can't make this clear enough, anchors are supposed to sink! Look, I used an exclamation mark, I don't like using them but this time it feels appropriate. Anchors sink to the bottom of the sea and weigh down a ship, keeping it in one place. Really, an anchor is the complete opposite of what the words say. People should have a boat or, more fittingly, a sponge tattooed with theese words.

Image via Pinterest

That's more like it, Spongebob Square pants is the embodiment of that phrase with his upbeat personality and cheery smile.
Maybe I've started a new trend?

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