Friday, 19 July 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: Art Prints

This week's wish-list is all made up of art prints, inspired by the new Penguin prints from Easy Art.

First up...

The Wind's Tale: I Used to Meet Her in the Garden by Edmund Dulac

The Wind's Tale: I Used to Meet Her in the Garden by Edmund Dulac. This print is of one of his many illustrations for Hans Christian Anderson's stories. I think it's the book art style that appeals to me. Plus, I'd like to wear a dress like that and wander around in the wind outside of a castle. This print is $76 from Artsy Craftsy, which has a great selection of products. It's dangerous to start looking around on the site.

Case in point is my next print; Hanging the Moon and Stars by Arthur Rackham.

Hanging the Moon and Stars by Arthur Rackham

This was apparently inspired by the short story Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving. I haven't read it and I may now have to. This picture manages to be sweet yet slightly disturbing, which may be why I like it! I love the idea of hanging the moon and stars up.

Most of my choices are from or inspired by books, the next one's no exception.

Kicking Leaves by Shirley Hughes
I've posted about Stories by Firelight by Shirley Hughes previously. Her stories and illustrations bring back memories from my childhood. Kicking Leaves by Shirley Hughes is a limited edition print, £95. Too much for me but I'm considering saving up for this; not only does it remind me of my childhood but it sums up the joy of crunching through Autumn leaves.

Finally, I came across this next print on Etsy.

Stepping into Woodland Light by EarthsWhisper

Stepping into Woodland Light comes from Etsy shop EarthsWhisper. At £388.51 it's much too expensive for me but I can still admire it. I love the dappling of light and the green shades.

That's it for this week.
Have a happy Friday.

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