Friday, 5 July 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: Eclectic Taste

Bit of a strange mix of items this week in my one day wish list.

Firstly, I've been admiring this Forest Friends range of homewares from Magpie.

Forest Friends from Magpie
I'm jumping the gun a bit as the collection is not actually out until September. I know woodland is a trend that has been done into the ground, but this has a fresh feeling to it and lovely illustrations.

I particularly like the mugs.

Forest Friends mugs from Magpie

Mugs are only £8.50 each, which is doable, but I sort of want the whole collection, which will empty my purse.

My next item is entirely different all together. Fashion designer Alice Temperley has just released her Pre-Fall collections fro Temperley London. In The Heron Maiden collection (good name) is this Long Cherry Blossom Dress.

Long Cherry Blossom Dress - Temperley London
Her clothes are always lovely, but I particularly like the cut of this dress and the embroidery teamed with 3-D applique. You wouldn't be able to walk normally wearing this dress; you'd have to waft.
I don't know how much this is but Temperley items aren't cheap, to be honest I don't really want to know.

Another fashion item: I've fallen in love with this Gold Crab Ring from Wons Upon A Time.

Gold Crab Ring - Wons Upon A Time
I don't really know why I like the crab design, I'm not a Cancer star sign, I just like the delicate and lifelike style and think it's quite a unique motif to see in jewellery design.
At £185 though I'm just going to have to dream.

Finally, and in a totally different direction, I want this Justonian Floorstanding Globe for my house.

Justonian Floorstanding Globe - Just Globes

I don't think it would even fit in my house but I still want it. I've wanted a globe for ages, I can while away hours spinning and pinning places to go. I love the antique look of this one.

Justonian Floorstanding Globe - Just Globes
At £595.95 though I think I'd be better off getting a blow up one.

That's all folks. Check back next Friday for some more unaffordable goodies with a vintage feel.

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