Friday, 26 July 2013

If I Were A Rich (Wo)Man: Happy Hippy

I was going to do a royal baby themed wish-list this week but then I caught on to myself; I'm not sure I can handle much more. Although little Prince George's birth has been very useful for discounts.

Instead, with the sun shining and the heat still going, all I really want to do is hang around in fields in a long white dress and listen to Bob Dylan on repeat. Therefore, I've got a hippy themed wish-list.

I've got to start with a dress and this Mi Amore Lace Dress from Free People is ideal.

Mi Amore Lace Dress in Taupe - Free People

The crochet detail and the bell sleeves provide the perfect laid back vibe. It comes in Taupe, White and Block, I can't decide which I like best.

Mi Amore Lace Dress in White - Free People

Mi Amore Lace Dress in Black - Free People

I think white wins it.
Unfortunately, this little beauty costs £228, so I will not be owning it anytime soon. Maybe I could try to sew some crochet doilies together for the same affect?
Maybe not.

To accompany the dress, I love this Neptune Body Chain by Vanessa Mooney.

Neptune Body Chain by Vanessa Mooney

Neptune Body Chain by Vanessa Mooney
I like body chains, though they have been taken over a little by those who really should not bare that much skin. The delicate shells on this one make it subtle yet interesting. $195 dollars though, I can dream.

Another piece of jewellery now. If you get the Etsy newsletters you may have already seen this ring. I spotted it and fell a little in love.

Sterling and Copper Mountain Ring - Etsy

The Sterling and Copper Mountain Ring by RockaSailor looks like the sun rising over the peaks. And it's handcrafted, people are so clever.
£60, maybe I'll save my pocket money.

Last but not least, every hippy needs a flower crown.

Cream Rose Flower Crown - Etsy

Flower wreaths have been worn for centuries as decoration and to celebrate special occasions. They're having a bit of a resurgence at the moment. I love this Cream Rose Flower Crown from Rouge Pony on Etsy.

Cream Rose Flower Crown - Etsy

Not bad at £25, maybe I should splash out before the summer disappears.

Check back in next Friday for another wish-list.

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